3rd Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference

13-14 January 2017

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What do we know about life after death?

18 presentations to choose from!

Join our experts as they share the latest research and knowledge.
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Delve deep into our multidimensional consciousness

15-16 January 2017


Side by side with Afterlife Explorers Conference

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Expand your mind, connect to your soul for the ultimate transformation as you explore what we know about life after death

Discover your Multidimensional Consciousness through Science and Spirituality

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Welcome to the
3rd Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference

Venue: Byron Community Centre, Byron Bay (Northern NSW)

Dates: 13-14 January 2017  

What’s the meaning of life?

What happens to us after we die?

Do we have a soul that survives our physical death?

Are we really spiritual beings just having a physical experience?

Since the dawn of time, man and woman have been searching for the answer to these very questions.

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Western religious belief teaches that our soul is divine energy. Eastern spiritual teachings explain reincarnation, suggesting our soul is on a path, lifetime to lifetime, to advance in wisdom. Quantum physics research describes that consciousness is immortal, beginning before birth and remaining after physical death. Mediums present the awareness of the soul of a loved one who has died and near-death experience evidences a divine presence upon clinical death.

Welcome to our 3rd Afterlife Explorers Conference where our objective  is to create a greater awareness of the evolution and survival of consciousness beyond psychical death of the human body as we are multidimensional beings.

Once again we will be producing a grand event by bringing together a fantastic line up of specially selected  local talent and international speakers.

Our presenters will share their research and knowledge on matters relating to afterlife science and spirituality, transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies.

We are honoured this year to be hosting world-leading keynote speakers – Linda Backman (USA),  a psychologist specialising in soul regression hypnotherapy;  Dr Robert Davis (USA), Professor of Neuroscience for over 30 years at the State University of NY in Neuroscience and electrophysiology discussing NDEs and the quantum physics that helps us understand them; Rosemary Ellen Guiley (USA), author of 60 books on metaphysical, paranormal and unexplained phenomena; Mary Rodwell (AUS), a world leader in the exploration of ‘Star Seed’ children and their role in awakening human consciousness and Michael Roads (AUS), a modern mystic and author of 20 books on his experiences and explorations of alternate realities and dimensions.

There are many great reasons to attend our energy-based conference.  You can meet experts face-to-face; benefit from networking opportunities and new friends; learn new tools; be amongst the energy of likeminded individuals;  enjoy the adventure of synchronicity at play; and learn in a new space.  It is so worthwhile to invest in yourself, break out of your comfort zone AND most of all, have fun and holiday at the same time!

Dedicated theater style seating is strictly limited so please book your day passes and workshops early. You can review current seat vacancies on our interactive seating plan here.

It’s going to be a weekend of making new friends, reuniting with others, fun and frolics, amazing conversations, knowledge sharing, personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

We look forward to you joining our community of Afterlife Explorers!

The 3rd Afterlife Explorers Conference is being held at the Byron Community Centre, 69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia from 13-14 January 2017.

The Inaugural Close Encounters Conference side by side with the Afterlife Explorers Conference in Byron Bay 2017!

PrintEver since the famous Roswell crash in New Mexico in 1947, the UFO subject has been highly classified.  Science now admits there are multiple dimensions and that we could be visited by extraterrestrials from these dimensions as well as from other planets or star systems.

Today UFOs are reported here in Australia and world-wide every six minutes.

If you remember as a child looking up into the night sky, longing to see a sign of someone else out there, then this conference is for you.  We are not alone and have never been alone.  The truth is out there and we are bringing it to you!

The Inaugural Close Encounters Conference is being held at the Byron Community Centre, 69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia from 15-16 January 2017.  

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Inspirational Speakers

Find out more about our keynote speakers, Dr Linda Backman, a psychologist specialising in soul regression hypnotherapy; Dr Robert Davis, a neuroscientist, research and author;  Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of 60 books on metaphysical, paranormal and unexplained phenomena;  Michael Roads, a modern mystic and author of 20 books on his multidimensional travels; and Mary Rodwell, a world leader in the exploration of ‘Star Seed’ children and their role in awakening human consciousness.

We are honoured to also present more than 10 passionate, Australian experts sharing their experience and knowledge in our showcase of speakers for 2017 – available in coming weeks.

Our Program

This conference has been designed to provide our attendees with one of the most dynamic and thought provoking afterlife studies programs ever to be seen in this region. Enjoy this unique opportunity to network with like-minded people and participate in a variety of workshops and educational seminars. Our January 2017 our program is diverse and interesting!  

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Featured Video

On a regular basis we will be posting a variety of inspirational afterlife films and documentaries. We certainly hope that these informative videos will answer some of your questions about life after death and encourage you to think more about your own mortality.

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