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Welcome to the
4th Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference

Join us in an amazing exploration into the wonders of consciousness and our soul’s journey.

It is time to open up to who we really are and understand our soul and its journey within our multidimensional universe.  As Eckhart Tolle reminds us:  You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.  You the past, the present, the future – everything, temporarily packaged in a human body.  You are an energetic being that has come from an all-knowing, all-loving place of perfection – and you will return there.

Your soul chose this life, this body, these parents and most of all, it chose a reason for coming here.  Deep down within, we all have a sense of that.  Everyone has a dream that fills their heart – a journey they must take – a destiny to fulfill.  The soul and the universe are not a mystery! We have been limited until now as part of the human condition.  Fortunately, you have a choice to live an authentic life that satisfies your soul. The afterlife is here and now, it is the consciousness that exists within you and can guide you to your true purpose, your soul identity.

We understand you and sincerely invite you to discover and explore your soul’s journey at the 4th Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference.

Here there will be no better way to connect and with fellow soul travellers, be reunited with old friends, have lots of fun and frolics, be stimulated by amazing conversations, share knowledge and transformational experiences, and ultimately enjoy personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

We will look forward to you joining our community of Afterlife Explorers!

We are a very unique and special tribe.

The 2nd Close Encounters Conference side by side with the Afterlife Explorers Conference in Coffs Harbour 2018!


“Will you consider for a moment that there are billions upon billions of galaxies in your universe? Now, consider the fact that most of your galaxy is unchartered territory for you, as humans. Now, take into consideration the diversity that exists on your planet. Now, consider that the kind of diversity you have on your planet is reflected out into the stars, the other worlds, and other galaxies in your universe.

So we want you to consider all of this because we want you to be prepared for the life that is out there, so to speak. You are part of a broader family of beings that you share genetic material with, that you are connected to energetically, that you have history with. These beings can provide you with much knowledge and can help to complete some of the pieces in yourselves that have always felt as though they were floating around, or foreign, or not quite fitting in.

You are much more complex than you even realize. These beings can help all of you make sense of yourselves. Our recommendation to you is that you reach out with your intentions, with your thoughts, with your energy, and let these other beings know that you are willing to share experiences with them, to share perspectives, and to reconnect.

There have been many stories told about extra terrestrials on your world. So many of those stories are taken to such an extreme that many of you feel that these beings are either going to destroy humanity, planet earth, and everything on it, or you believe that they are coming to rescue all of you from yourselves. We want you to prepare yourselves for something that is very much in between those two extremities.

You are as different from some of your next-door neighbors as you are from some of these ET beings. And yet, you also share quite a bit in common with your neighbor and with your ET brothers and sisters.

So what we are giving you here is the idea that when you are preparing for contact, prepare to meet an aspect of yourself, a being that is not so different from you, and beings that have as much to gain from interacting with you as you do from interacting with them. You are part of a galactic community, and sooner than later you will meet your neighbors.

We are The Hathors. We thank you, and we wish you a fond good day.”

[Reprinted with Permission]

Channeled by Daniel ScrantonWatch Video

We invite you to join us at the Close Encounters Conference for transformational presentations, workshops and healings that will help you gain a deep understanding into our rapidly changing world – a time of unprecedented change that requires a new story. The better we truly know ourselves, the better equipped we are to embrace whatever comes our way and thrive in the new world, in harmony and fully aware.

If you love looking up at the stars, wondering who and what is out there, then this Conference is for you.

The 2nd Close Encounters Conference is being held at the Aanuka Beach Resort, Coffs Harbour on 19 & 20 January 2018.  

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We have a strong and experienced speaker showcase lined up for 2018.  Find out more about them by clicking on their photo.

Our Program

This conference has been designed to provide our attendees with one of the most dynamic and thought provoking afterlife studies programs ever to be seen in this region. Enjoy this unique opportunity to network with like-minded people and participate in a variety of workshops and educational seminars. Our January 2018 our program is diverse and interesting!  

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On a regular basis we will be posting a variety of inspirational afterlife films and documentaries. We certainly hope that these informative videos will answer some of your questions about life after death and encourage you to think more about your own mortality.

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