The Organisers of the Afterlife Explorers Conference have announced the speaker lineup and program for the 4th annual event, which has become a stable event on the Australian spiritual calendar as one of three consciousness events hosting an international lineup in Australia.

The Conference will be held on 18 January 2018 at the Aanuka Beach Resort – a serene retreat-style resort at Coffs Harbour.  Located on the beach, it is a halfway point between Brisbane and Sydney – about a 6 hour drive from both cities.   The Resort has many benefits for the type of event we want to offer you such as on-site self-catering, villa accommodation, luxurious resort facilities, and a 1 minute walk to a private beach. For guests there are 6 swimming pools, BBQs, a day-spa, tennis courts, a gym and restaurant/bar facilities.

Powerful speakers

Headlining the strong showcase of speakers is the British expert on out-of-body experiences and astral travel, Graham Nicholls.  Graham is a director of the OBE & NDE Society (UK), as well as a member of The Rhine Research Center (US) advisory board.  He has given presentations at noble institutions such as Cambridge University, The Institute of Noetic Sciences (US), The Society for Psychical Research (UK),  Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes (UK), and the Science Museum (UK).

Some of the acknowledgment Graham has received include:

Graham Nicholls has had some of the best documented Out-of-Body experiences with verification of anyone in the world.’– David Watkinson,

‘One of the leading authorities in the world on astral projection or out-of-body experiences (OBEs).’ – Soul & Spirit Magazine

‘Graham Nicholls’ experiences are powerful powerful proof that consciousness is not rooted within the brain.’ – Anthony Peake, author of The Out of Body Experience

Graham will be sharing a two part presentation – part informative and part experiential about OBEs and astral travel, shared death experience and NDEs.

The very strong supporting lineup of speakers joining Graham bring a collective of decades worth of experience on topics ranging from past lives, mediumship, animal souls, orb phenomenon, angel guidance, soul planning, law of attraction and more.

The 2018 speaker lineup includes:

  • Graham Nicholls (UK) – World leading OBE/Astral Travel practitioner and researcher, author
  • Alison Ailfinn Alan (AUS) – ‘’Channelling Erik’’ medium, Intuitive, Author
  • Candy Baker (AUS) – Writer, Animal Soul Author
  • Robyn Collins (AUS) – Soul Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher
  • Merlina Markantonatos (AUS) – Orb Phenomenon Researcher, Author
  • Claire Swinney (AUS) – Writer, Spiritual Healer, Metaphysical Counsellor
  • Kathryn Hand (AUS) – Past Life and Life Between Lives Therapist
  • Toni Reilly – Past Life Therapist, Founder of Toni Reilly Institute

Special presentations include a night of channelling from Alison Ailfinn Alan who channels “Erik” and “Abraham”.

This year’s conference is a more intimate, boutique event open to 120 delegates.

The Close Encounters Conference

The Close Encounters Conference, which is being held the following two days after the Afterlife Explores Conference on 19 & 20 January, will have a strong emphasis on experiential, transformative and healing presentations and workshops.  We have exciting meditations, skywatching sessions, CE5 workshops and great fun planned! A strong showcase of speakers are all handpicked to provide a diverse and powerful range of presentations.   The lineup consists of:

  • Laura Eisenhower (USA) –  Astrologist, Global Alchemist and Cosmic Mythologist
  • Mary Rodwell (AUS) – FREE Co-Founder, ACERN Founder, Author
  • Dr Horace Drew (aka Red Collie) (AUS) – Scientist, Crop Circle Researcher
  • James Bartley (AUS) – Historian, Researcher
  • George Kavassilas (AUS) – Author, Researcher, Mentor
  • Tracey Ash (UK/JAP) –  Revolutionary 5D Training, Ancient Aliens, PSI Science Institute
  • Virginia Jones (NZ) – Intuitive / Transformational Healer, Galactic Activations
  • Nada Titania (AUS) – International Master Spiritual Teacher, Contactee, Psychic Clairvoyant Medium
  • Paul Hampden (AUS) (Awaiting Zetan approval) – Medium / Channellor
  • Dr Maree Batchelor (AUS)  – GP, New Human Physician & Energy Medicine DNA Healer
  • Scott Torrance (AUS) – Remote View, Contactee, Explorer
  • Kristian Moore (AUS) – Contactee, Activist, Truth Seeker
  • Kay McCullock (AUS) –  CE5 Trainer & Australian Ambassador, Investigator

Special events will include:

  • CE5 training
  • My Alien Encounter
  • Skywatch
  • Zeta Channelling (waiting approval)

Learn more about the Close Encounters Conference program.

Great value pricing

Tickets are now on sale for both the Afterlife Explorers Conference and Close Encounters Conference.  There are flexible options to suit all budgets.  You can reserve your spot now

[click here].

This year, the ticketing price includes

  • All conference presentations each day (as per your booking)
  • Morning tea & afternoon tea
  • Catered delegate lunch
  • Group healings and activations
  • Retreat setting with resort facilities
  • Mandala pendant gift at registration
  • Downloadable Chakra cleansing / galactic healing hypnosis

All rooms have their own kitchens, which means evenings can be spent relaxing in your own bure or, alternatively by the pool, sizzing a sausage on many of the outdoor BBQs.

The dates for your diary!

Coffs Harbour  –  Aanuka Beach Resort
Thursday 18 January & Friday 19 January – 4th Afterlife Explorers Conference
Friday 19 January & Saturday 20 January  –  2nd National Close Encounters Conference
Sunday 21 January –  Assimilation / Integration / Rest and Recovery
On Sunday visitors and resort guests can also benefit from the additional selective workshops and private sessions.

You do not have to stay at the Aanuka Beach Resort.  There are plenty of other accommodation options around Coffs Harbour.  See accommodation and venue page.

We’re looking forward to you joining us at Coffs Harbour for a fantastic conference!