Mick Turner picMick Turner – Conference Founder and Director

Mick is no stranger to death as he has had a near death experience while underwater mixed gas diving many years ago. He suffered what is called an’ in-water oxygen toxicity hit’. This condition is a result of the harmful effects of breathing molecular oxygen (O2) at elevated partial pressures. This (hit) unfortunately caused Mick to have a series of full body muscular seizures and, if that wasn’t enough, his full face mask was also leaking and taking in water. Within a matter of minutes, and still underwater at 30 ft, he started to black out. He couldn’t breathe due to the seizures and he felt water slowly rising over his face. There were no options here but to admit defeat, relax and swallow the water and drown.

Almost immediately he then found himself at peace, slowly levitating upwards towards a bright light in the centre of a tunnel-like vortex, the sides of which appeared to be like a swirling mist or grey cloud. Mick was outside of his body viewing himself in a semi-reclined stupor being escorted upwards by two large, winged male angels. One angel was hovering above him and the other was below.

His dive team rescuers eventually brought him to the surface unconscious and placed him in a recompression chamber where he came to after around 10minutes. He had to stay in the chamber on a therapeutic decompression treatment table for several days. He still scuba dives today.

In more recent times Mick underwent a Michael Newton Past Life Regression.

During hypnosis, he recalled three past lives – the Micronesian fisherman who drowned in his dugout canoe because he was caught out in a storm; the American sugar plantation owner who was slain during a slave revolt; and the Australian soldier who was mortally wounded whilst going over the top in the trenches during a dreadful WW1 battle. (In subsequent research, Mick received clarification from the War Memorial that this soldier did die in the same battle, and received a photo of the soldier – bearing quite similar facial characteristics).

The most beautiful memory of that regression was after death, in an expanded state of consciousness. He was exploring a perfectly manicured park on a glorious summer’s day. After going through a hedge maze he came across a magnificent round fountain, across from which sat a luminous, translucent being on the park bench.

After pondering his own mortality, as we all do at times, Mick noticed that here in Australia there is very little credible information available on matters relating to Life after Death. So with a keen desire to find out more and to share his discoveries, he created the Afterlife Explorers Conference.

Since the success of the first two Australian Afterlife Explorers Conferences, Mick has also founded the Close Encounters Conference.

kathryn-handKathryn Hand – Event Coordinator

Kathryn is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapy. Starting her career in the high powered world of investment banking, Kathryn was involved in communications, media and corporate events for global companies in both Sydney and London. In addition to this, Kathryn has actively been marketing, managing and promoting local and small businesses over the last 15 years.

Whilst reading Dr Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’, Kathryn had a deeply profound experience which led her to ultimately fulfil her calling and make the life-changing career move as a hypnotherapist. She is proudly one of an elite, global group of 250 spiritual regressionists certified by Dr Michael Newton.

The journey of searching for evidence of our immortal existence began for Kathryn after her 6th grade teacher introduced her to the metaphysical- it has been a consuming passion ever since. Drawing upon her current industry knowledge and previous corporate experience, Kathryn is thrilled to be involved in creating this unique, interactive event. She shares Mick’s vision in helping people achieve a greater understanding of their own immortality and applying it to assist others in their chosen area of expertise.

Kathryn has had articles published including New Dawn and Living Now magazines, and has initiated an Australian study into Children’s Past Lives.  She is the co-organiser of the Close Encounters Conference.

www.kathrynhand.com.au  /  www.mychildspastlife.com  /  www.closeencountersconference.com.au