The Real Housewives of Sydney features seven colourful Housewives who enjoy the extravagant, stylish and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Sydney. Between them they run successful companies, travel the world in luxury, attend the most exclusive parties and are the matriarch of their million dollar mansions. All women are fascinating in their own right and when put together create a diverse mix of magic and mayhem.

The Real Housewives of Sydney are; artistic, free spirit Athena X Levendi; energetic ex-model turned real estate agent Krissy Marsh; funny, opinionated mother of two Lisa Oldfield; cosmetic nurse and Botox queen of Double Bay Matty Samaei; triple threat, actress, model, singer Melissa Tkautz; photogenic party planner and former Miss Australia Nicole O’Neil; and last but not least, entrepreneurial mum and social scene queen Victoria Rees.

Alright, many of you probably don’t watch it and if you do, not likely to admit it, but we are big fans of Athena X . She is an avid believer in past lives which she passionately expresses in her artwork.  Reincarnation inspires much of her art and she often talks about it on the show. We can vouch for Athena X as she is an advanced soul and lightworker who has taken on a big task. By agreeing to be part of this reality show that is pulling her vibration down, she often struggles to deal with the pettiness of the women with whom she has been cast. We’re behind her all the way and admire the role she is playing in bringing awareness of spirituality and past life work to the mainstream. Watch RHOS every Sunday at 8.30pm on FOXTEL Arena and get all the juicy bits highlighted on Googlebox shown on Network TEN and Lifestyle. Go Athena  – show those girls the light!!

Keep up to date with Athena on the RHOS Facebook page.   Have a look at her artwork here.

To be continued ….