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The 3rd Afterlife Explorers Conference was held at the Byron Community Centre, an iconic venue in Byron’s main street, Jonson Street.  More often known for hosting music and stage productions rather than consciousness events, we took over the entire venue for the Afterlife Explorers and Close Encounters Conference for 4 days.

Keynote speakers were  Dr Linda Backman, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Mary Rodwell, Michael Roads, Dr Bob Davis, who not only added an international flavour, but many decades worth of incredibly experience and knowledge between them.  Our supporting showcase of speakers engaged the audience with a diverse range of exciting topics. Dr Linda Backman said:   “Kathryn and Mick—you two are a most special pair. Thank you for including us— it was magical!!”  It certainly was a magical couple of days.

Mary Rodwell launched the Conference with her opening keynote presentation.  It was an honour for our Conference to be the place for the launch of Mary Rodwell’s much anticipated new book “The New Human:  Our Cosmic Heritage” which had just come straight off the press only a matter of days before!  Mary revealed much exciting new research never heard before and cemented for her fans why she is the grande dame of this field of research.

Delegates were lucky enough to be able to take advantage of two our our international keynote speakers, Dr Linda Backman and Rosemary Ellen Guiley give extended workshops and many took the opportunity to work one-on-one with Dr Backman, taking the work to a very deep, personal level.

Lunch time turned into a fantastic opportunity for our audience to receive messages from the otherside with mediums Kerrie Erwin and Julie McKenzie, turning the main stage into a mediumship platform with ‘Munchtime Mediumship’.  Our audience also experienced a powerful group energy transmission from Elizabeth Robinson, which bought many to tears and triggered a lot of healing.

Barry Eaton created a wonderful atmosphere as always, MCing the Afterlife Explorers Conference.  We had a wonderful morning meditation each day, led by Richard Yiap and closing healing with the incredible sound oracle, Ananara Zolta.

The audience was a truly national audience with all States represented and even a large contingent of Kiwis flew over the ditch from New Zealand to bring an international flavour.  We were lucky enough to spend some time with some of this beautiful crew at the Crystal Palace after the event to assimilate and relax post-conference.

Our tireless team of volunteer “Ground Crew” kept everything running smoothly.  We don’t have enough words to express our gratitude to Kate Hotson, Vanessa van der Vliet and Carmel Vowles who looked after all our delegates, a host of admin tasks, registration, transport arrangements and a whole lot more!  We also had some fantastic help from Oli and Sandy who stepped in for a day each and picked things up like total pros.

Delegates enjoyed the exhibitors offering their products and services.  Ella Risebrow was a particular hit with everyone – her pencils never stopped drawing beautiful spirit drawings for people.

Incredible wisdom about living a soul-centred life flowed through (seemingly effortlessly) the ever popular Michael Roads.  Michael closed the Conference with his profound words in the closing keynote talk, leaving everyone feeling inspired and energised.

Aside from the enlightening talks, and transformational moments, the most wonderful aspect of the conference was observing the deep conversations taking place, seeing the friendships and connections form and meeting such beautiful souls.

Many of our delegates stayed on for the Close Encounters Conference and took their consciousness to a whole new Cosmic level!

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Encouraging words

It is so encouraging and reminds us why organising our conferences is so imortant when we hear back from you all. It really warms our heart to read these beautiful words… here are some wonderful testimonials.  Thank you to everyone who gave us wonderful feedback:

Wow! What an amazing life changing and uplifting experience. The speakers were all amazing, however the highlight for me was meeting and connecting with such awesome awakened beings. I came away feeling energised and motivated to step out of the shadows and shine in my greatness. This is not just a conference it’s an experience. It’s a coming together of energys to raise the conscious vibration of the planet ? –  Mark Godbeer

I am so pleased that throughout my life I have been open minded. It has brought such an expansion to my world as I digged and delved into all aspects of being human and living on this planet. I have learnt a lot and I continue to meet the most amazing people. Recently I accepted an invitation for a role that I never imagined I would be doing. Then again, during my life I have done many things that I would never have imagined that I would be doing, however I have never shied away from challenges when I look back on it. Taking on the role of Master of Ceremonies at the recent Inaugural National Australian Close Encounters Conference organised by Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand meant that I could contribute in some way to the researchers and the very, very courageous experiencers that shared with us. They were truly amazing people as were the delegates in attendance and all the other speakers. Especially privileged as well to spend time with FREE Board members Neuroscientist Dr Robert Davis, researchers Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Mary Rodwell. Lucky Coffs Harbour. The organisers have chosen Aanuka Resort as the 2018 location for this groundbreaking event. Thankyou to my fellow Coffs Harbour peoples Kate Hotson and Vanessa Van Der Vliet who were there as a major support to the conference. My Integrity is telling me I need to be brave and speak up now. – Silvana Camilleri (MC)

Thank you guys for all your hard work and making this event happen. Many people had their lives changed because of this event. It takes hard work and commitment to put such a huge 4 day event together and you did it . I know how even I day events have taken a toll… all kudos to you and your hard work. Congratulations and well done. – Mary Rodwell (Keynote speaker)

It was amazing! I am forever changed by the energy of the people there. Awesome job Kathryn and Mick, the presenters and volunteers!! – Karen Langford

Awesome conference! Well done Kathryn Kathryn Hand and Mick Turner  – Jo Gillies

An amazing conference & meeting of like minded souls. Thank you for bringing it to our Byron bubble.  Looking forward to Jan’18 – Anna Gatsios

Wonderful Close Encounter Conference – well done Kathryn and Mick and Silvana, and Mary and Rosemary and Bob and….and…and…everyone who helped make it happen. – Valerie Barrow

Special to be a part of such an uplifting & unique event, many thanks Kathryn Hand & Mick Turner for having us as part of the larger family. Shine on.  You’re doing amazing work for the planet and Sharnie Atkins and I are blessed to of met you both & to attend, thank you both.  Mind opening, cleansing, healing conference just what the doctor ordered.  Bring on 2017 – let’s keep spreading that love – Timmy-t Rodwell

Wow, What a wonderful conference… congratulations to the great team!!  – Luz Gomez

CONGRATULATIONS YOU BOTH WERE STARS !!! I saw the hard work and energy you put into this and it’s been a year=long in the making. It was a success because of this dedication and sheer hard work. Well done guys you rock! – Mary Rodwell (Keynote speaker)

You Did an Amazing Job. Putting on conferences is NOT easy, so many ego’s to deal with and hurdles to jump over. It takes a Tribe to pull this together WELL DONE Kathryn and Mick and all the Volunteers. It Was So Much FUN! – KAren Swain

Thank you both for creating & holding the space of 2 such professional, magical, wonderful conferences…well done!!! – Dr Mesheril ManyFeathers (Speaker)

Kathryn and Mick—you two are a most special pair. Thank you for including us— it was magical!! – Dr Linda Backman (Keynote speaker)

Thank you so much, we all had the most amazing time, you are truly dedicated beautiful people along with everyone else who made it happen, you all have given me the courage to step out and walk my walk and talk my talk, it’s time for me to share the activations that our amazing ET friends have shown me, I’ve been getting amazing frequency download ever since attending, Thank you thank you thank you – Ginny Jones

Just fantastic Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand! Congratulations. This Close Encounters Conference is already having repercussions far and wide – Silvana Camilleri (MC)

Thank you for the amazing conference, I loved it. It was powerful and inspiring. See you at Uluru next year! – Suz Aki Cor

Well done Kathryn and Mick. A huge commitment to consciousness evolution. – Victor Zammit

A great conference – a big thank you to everyone involved – Jeuleine Furlong

Such an amazing thought provoking talk by James Bartley tonight.  Resontes with my experiencesand makes total sense.  Well done to the organisers Kathryn Hand and Mick Turner – Tracy Wise

Wow! Had the most amazing, inspiring weekend volunteering as ‘ground crew’ at the Afterlife and Close Encounters Conferences in Byron Bay.  Met some truly remarkable people, walking their talk and creating change in this troubled world.  Thanks to Kathryn Hand and Mick Turner for including me in this powerful gathering of like minds.  – Vanessa Van Der Vliet

I feel like I finally reconnected with family.  Kathryn & Mick you are so precious and have the greatest integrity.  This was the best conference I’ve actually attended.  Thank you.  – Kay McCullock

Soul calling changes in progress because of this conference!! – Heddy Julian

What an amazing two days at this conference.  The level and amount of information was truly an AWAKENING on many levels.  Fantastic national and international guest speakers.  Can’t wait for Uluru 2018.  Thank you Kathryn and Mick for facilitating this amazing event. – Michelle Moncrieff

I have spent 4 amazing days in Byron Bay at the Afterlife Explorers and Close Encounters conferences.  I wanted to say to Mick and Kathryn how much I enjoyed the conferences to thank them for the chance to present on Friday and to say how much I admire, respect and acknowledge the HUGE amount of effort they have tirelessly injected for every single one of us.  All of that in the face of challenging and bone chillding opposition from interdimensional forces.  Well done.  You two are inspirational. – Andrew Reay (Speaker)