A Wonderful Success

After almost a year of planning, the Melbourne Conference was held during the last weekend in January 2016 with much success.

Our keynote speakers were Dr PMH Atwater from the US and Anthony Peake from the UK.

PMH Atwater said ‘This is wonderful, your sharing, what attendees said. Your conference is head and shoulders above most of the others. For 2017, I know everyone but Michael Roads. You are so lucky to have him. Rosemary and Linda are top notch. Many blessings to all. Much love, PMH’.


Afterlife Explorers
A great way to kick off this year with the Afterlife Explorers Conference. It was fantastic to see such a diverse melting pot of ideas and perspectives and to chat with some of the amazing speakers, including Anthony Peake. During the weekend I managed to have one presentation and two interviews, some sections were filmed and I believe videos of the conference will be available soon. I was particularly impressed by participant's willingness to debate and critique some of the concepts, and the great turnout at my presentation, which covered research methods into the survival hypothesis. Unfortunately when discussing such topics in the past I've encountered a lot of resistance, with people unwilling to bend their belief systems to accommodate new ideas. Thus, it was excellent to see more people taking a genuine stance of curiosity, rather than taking an ideological stance.

I have a feeling that the conference will build the foundations for some fascinating discussions to come in the year ahead. Thank you again to Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand for making this happen.

Barry Eaton, the head MC said this year’s Conference was an indication of it’s growing popularity.

Delegates were spoilt for choice with a wide ranging speaker line-up and a diverse field of topics.  We have heart-warming stories from delegates who had huge personal breakthroughs, and outstanding insights they gained from the speakers.

The shining stars of the conference were the big names Anthony Peake, Mary Rodwell and PMH Atwater who stunned the audience with their experience and knowledge.

With a sterling cast of supporting speakers, this year’s conference exceeded expectations.

We had an amazing team of Conference Angels (Bec, Bryan, Carmel, Christine, Claire, Lorraine, Rob and Peter) – volunteers who gave generously of their time and expertise in different areas to be of service to our delegates.

A special thanks has to go out to them all, especially Bec Hutchinson, who was our Angel Team leader – her contribution went well beyond the call of duty.

We’d love to also thank two ladies who gave us beautiful morning starts to the Conference, with Rebecca de Boer – a young cellist – who played beautiful music each morning to welcome delegates as they arrived.  Maria Lacey, one of our speakers, also led us into the day with soothing meditations and stunning chanting that sent tingles up everyone’s spines.

Thanks also to our wonderful head MC, Barry Eaton, who superbly took care of things in the main speakers’ lounge and gave a very popular presentation.

A national conference

Delegate Distribution Pie ChartOur conference truly is a national conference. With speakers coming from 5 Australian States (WA, SA, Qld, NSW and Vic) and the ACT, we were very pleased to see delegates from all over the country attend.

It was great to see delegates from all over the country converge in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. As you can see, we had people from almost all States fly in to form friendships with newly found kindred spirits.

Whilst just over half of our audience was from Victoria, 20% were from NSW with 14% from Queensland. We had delegates from WA – 6% and the ACT and SA provided 3% and 2% of our audience respectively.

Your feedback is important to us

Receiving feedback is really valuable to us as organisers and we thank those delegates who filled out our questionnaires. It helps us plan for future events. Here are some snippets:

  • Anthony Peake – loved his energy, info and relevant informative presentation!
  • Mary Rodwell challenged my thinking!
  • Loved Dr Atwater – wonderful lady full of joy.
  • Would loved to have had a longer session with Barry Eaton.
  • Very well organised, great speakers thank you!
  • Loved the energy and choice of speakers
  • Colleen Dooley was a highlight
  • Great venue with proximity to shops, shops and great parking
  • Caroline Cumming’s story was so moving and well presented
  • The drinks in the beer garden topped off the event – what a great bunch of people
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Really good timekeeping
  • Loved Vladimir Dubaj and Tony Mowbray – gave explanations with science
  • Tony Gee – he was honest and open
  • Thank you! Exceptionally organised, stress free and so friendly!

Do you agree? We’d love your comments too! If you were a 2016 delegate and have something to add, please email us info@afterlifeexplorers.com.au.

Conference interviews

Jessie Olaith and Ben Bruce of Waking Mad attended our conference and took some of our speakers aside for some candid interviews. View them below, starting with Anthony Peake’s fascinating interview.