Afterlife Explorers
A great way to kick off this year with the Afterlife Explorers Conference. It was fantastic to see such a diverse melting pot of ideas and perspectives and to chat with some of the amazing speakers, including Anthony Peake. During the weekend I managed to have one presentation and two interviews, some sections were filmed and I believe videos of the conference will be available soon. I was particularly impressed by participant's willingness to debate and critique some of the concepts, and the great turnout at my presentation, which covered research methods into the survival hypothesis. Unfortunately when discussing such topics in the past I've encountered a lot of resistance, with people unwilling to bend their belief systems to accommodate new ideas. Thus, it was excellent to see more people taking a genuine stance of curiosity, rather than taking an ideological stance.

I have a feeling that the conference will build the foundations for some fascinating discussions to come in the year ahead. Thank you again to Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand for making this happen.

Merlina Marcan

  • Merlina Marcan

    Orb Phenomenon Researcher, Author

    Guidance and Insights from Celestial Forces

    Celestial forces are often ‘helping us’ for better insight, which can often lead to life changing insights. Merlina has discovered this first hand in her pursuit of the truth. She has been guided from the ‘other side’ in discovering a cutting-edge breakthrough method to find a way of bringing forth new visual evidence of sentient beings in the Orb Phenomenon.

    In June 2011, the experience of a life-changing event came her way, which opened up Merlina’s intuition to discover a method which she named MFT Method.  It have her the ability to focus into the energy field of orbs.  She found a way of focussing into the orb light energies.  This is the closest to scientific ‘visual evidence’ known to date and is of great interest to The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research in Extraterrestrial Encounters, who study all encounters with ‘non-human intelligence’.

    Merlina’s extensive research proves that we are truly being visited by other dimensions.

    During her presentation, Merlina will share some of her most exciting photographic evidence of the sentient beings who travel in the orb’s energy.

    About Merlina

    Merlina finished her studies of Pathology & Microbiology at the Institute of Technology Sydney in the late 70s. Being the free-spirited personality that she is, she decided to abandon her work in the medical field and move onto new ventures in the entertainment world.  She travelled the world as a singer and entertainer.

    Due to an immense crisis and emotional family disturbance in 2007, she began to question the importance and priorities of life.  She began to undergo her transformation from a ‘skeptic-agnostic’ to wanting to get connected with her spirit guides and guardian angels for help and advice.  Therefore, she began a profound emotional search for answers.

    In 2009, Merlina began photographing orbs as a hobby every single night. Two years later, she was finally rewarded by the higher celestial forces that she believes guided her insight and began to pursue her research seeking validity.  Since then, she has dedicated her life studying and investigating the unexplored mystery of the world of orbs.  She has also classified various different groups of orbs and their functions.

    Merlina is the author of Our Destiny Lies Wtihin Orb Truth’.  

    Ask Merlina ‘Is the world ready for a new awakening truth?’ and she says ‘YES! Yes, I believe it is!’