Afterlife Explorers
A great way to kick off this year with the Afterlife Explorers Conference. It was fantastic to see such a diverse melting pot of ideas and perspectives and to chat with some of the amazing speakers, including Anthony Peake. During the weekend I managed to have one presentation and two interviews, some sections were filmed and I believe videos of the conference will be available soon. I was particularly impressed by participant's willingness to debate and critique some of the concepts, and the great turnout at my presentation, which covered research methods into the survival hypothesis. Unfortunately when discussing such topics in the past I've encountered a lot of resistance, with people unwilling to bend their belief systems to accommodate new ideas. Thus, it was excellent to see more people taking a genuine stance of curiosity, rather than taking an ideological stance.

I have a feeling that the conference will build the foundations for some fascinating discussions to come in the year ahead. Thank you again to Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand for making this happen.

Alison Ailfinn Allan

  • Alison Ailfinn Allan

    Intuitive Medium, Channelling Medium, Author

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    Alison is presenting a talk and facilitating a special evening of Channelling Erik – information is coming soon!

    About Alison

    Alison has a fascination with the higher self – anyone can be contacted who is still living because we are not all here in the physical, we are multidimensional beings and only a small part of us is in the physical body. This allows us to contact family and friends energetically who have not physically left the third dimension yet and has been shown to be very therapeutic where discord is happening with them. We can address soul contracts with other family members and try to get a change in direction where things are difficult.

    Her work channelling Erik Medhus came about through one of her sojourns through YouTube looking for answers to the big questions such as ‘Why am I here?’  After doing a bit of a marathon on pretty much every video that his mother, Elisa Medhus, put out with Jamie Butler, and then into the blog archives too, the spirit of Erik came bouncing into her life like a freight train. He trained Alison to be a medium, utilising her natural gifts.  His teachings got her through very difficult circumstances during that time.

    In recent times, Alison has also started working with the Abraham Consciousness. She was aware of what it meant to manifest but the nuances of it were made all the more clearer after reading and listening to Abraham. They then requested to be part of her Shiny Channelling Show.

    Alison is also an artist and a published author.  Her work includes Carry On Heavenly; The Aldoran Saga: Dark Hearts and Dragons;  The Aldoran Saga: The Prophecy  and  Come the Pretender.