Darren is facilitating a 2 hour Shamanic Vision Quest Workshop entitled ‘Flying Eagle Medicine’ .  The direct focus of this workshop is not to spiritually pontificate, but to reconnect you as a child of universal consciousness with a vision of your original global shamanic spiritual lineage.

The intellectual position of this workshop is that the totality of the singular universe you live in as human form on earth is made up almost entirely of non-physical non-local non-human intelligent creative energy that cannot be measured by machines or physically seen. That energy forms the entire background and foundation of all physical life in time and space. The evidence base in this workshop establishes the background energy of the universe is in and of itself, conscious of its creative purpose direction and ability, confirming the non-physical non-local energy of universal consciousness appears in time and space as spiritually intelligent human form so that it can consciously witness the entire physical and non physical singular universe unfolding as itself in a singular expanded form.

About Darren

Darren is a visionary and spiritual thought leader focusing on the emergence of a new reality on our planet. His private practice as a Flying Eagle Energy Medicine & consciousness consultant allows him to support individuals in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self. Along with his own spiritual awakening, he shares an understanding of the extraordinary cosmic plan unfolding on earth. The birthing of a new paradigm and implanting of a higher consciousness on this planet guides his life and work.

Darren’s qualifications include a BAppSocSc(Coach) (Sh.D.) Author (Doctor of Shamanic Philosophy, Australia) (Principle/Educator, Modern Urban Shamanism School of Flying Eagle Medicine Sacred Shaman Oracle Pathway) (Co-ordinator, Modern Urban Shamanism Global Healers Project).