We can learn a lot by examining the spontaneous past life recall in young children. Children under the age of about 7 do not have a fully formed conscious mind. They are in a hypnagogic state and can more easily access memories from past lives, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes in graphic detail.  Do all children remember past lives? What happens if your child has past life memories? How do you know if the memories they speak of are past lives, and not just overactive imaginations?

In her talk, Kathryn will answer these questions looking at research of the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS). Founded in 1967 by Dr Ian Stevenson, his pioneering work began investigating children’s past life claims in India, Burma, Turkey and Thailand where cultural acceptance of reincarnation is high. His work resulted in numerous published articles and nine books. Since Dr Stevenson’s death, DOPS’ research is continued by Dr Jim Tucker.

DOPS have databased over 2,500 cases of spontaneous past life recall in children. Their research indicates that in 70% of their cases, the previous person in the past life died by unnatural means. This would explain why some children can remember their past lives and others can’t – the ones who remember have had unresolved trauma in the previous life.

Their research has also revealed that 20% of children have mentioned the life between life state. That means they may talk about what happened right after the previous death, such as floating out of their body, even seeing the funeral and the sadness occurring for their family members. They may talk about seeing relatives, spirits, Jesus or God. Some will reveal that they have been observing the parents before coming into their current life, and choosing their parents. This has been confirmed in the work of Dr Michael Newton as published in ‘Journey of Souls’. Some children give details of events that occurred while they were in the womb that has not been known to them.

The work of people such as Stevenson, Tucker, Newton and Bowman has paved the way for 40 years now giving us invaluable experience.  However, all of these cases are based on research from overseas. Much work needs to be done in Australia to collect data.

Find out in this presentation more about fascinating case studies, how children’s past life recall can heal us all and how we can put together a more accurate Australian snapshot of our past life lineage as a nation.

About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapy. Starting her career in the high powered world of investment banking, Kathryn was involved in communications, media and corporate events for global companies in both Sydney and London. In addition to this, Kathryn has actively been marketing, managing and promoting local and small businesses over the last 15 years.

Whilst reading Dr Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’, Kathryn had a deeply profound experience which led her to ultimately fulfil her calling and make the life-changing career move as a hypnotherapist. She is proudly one of an elite, global group of 250 spiritual regressionists certified by Dr Michael Newton.

The journey of searching for evidence of our immortal existence began for Kathryn after her 6th grade teacher introduced her to the metaphysical- it has been a consuming passion ever since. Now co-organising consciousness conferences, she continues to help people achieve a greater understanding of their own immortality and applying it to assist others in their chosen area of expertise.

Kathryn has had articles published including New Dawn and Living Now magazines, has undertaken a past life regression on reality television.  She has initiated an Australian study into Children’s Past Lives.  She is the co-organiser of the Close Encounters Conference and Cosmic Consciousness Conference.