Afterlife Explorers
A great way to kick off this year with the Afterlife Explorers Conference. It was fantastic to see such a diverse melting pot of ideas and perspectives and to chat with some of the amazing speakers, including Anthony Peake. During the weekend I managed to have one presentation and two interviews, some sections were filmed and I believe videos of the conference will be available soon. I was particularly impressed by participant's willingness to debate and critique some of the concepts, and the great turnout at my presentation, which covered research methods into the survival hypothesis. Unfortunately when discussing such topics in the past I've encountered a lot of resistance, with people unwilling to bend their belief systems to accommodate new ideas. Thus, it was excellent to see more people taking a genuine stance of curiosity, rather than taking an ideological stance.

I have a feeling that the conference will build the foundations for some fascinating discussions to come in the year ahead. Thank you again to Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand for making this happen.

Inspirational Speakers

We are already excited to welcome a great lineup of speakers for the 2018 Conference, including the internationally acclaimed researcher and practitioner in out-of-body experiences and astral travel, Graham Nicholls (UK).

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  • Graham Nicholls

    Leading OBE Researcher & Practitioner, Speaker, Author

    Between Two Worlds - NDE, OBE, and SDEs

    In this talk, Graham Nicholls will share insights and evidence from more than 30 years of direct exploration of the out-of-body experience (OBE). He will begin by outlining early events in his life related to reincarnation and OBEs. These events initiated a journey to understand what was happening to him and to explore the evidence for some form of afterlife. (more…)

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  • Robyn Collins

    Soul Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher, Author

    Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness

    What is Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness?  Robyn Collins never expected to experience the sudden death of her newborn baby and the depth of grief and depression that followed. Nor did she ever imagine that it would precipitate a journey of awakening- leading her to spiritual freedom, true peace and inner stillness.

    Robyn’s tireless search for answers to the big questions we all face – Why? What is it all about? What is my lifes purpose and Who am I? – led her through a variety of meditation techniques and self-realisation practices.

    To her surprise she found that her spiritual freedom and fulfilment lies not in complicated concepts and philosophies, but somewhere much simpler and more accessible.

    The search for truth led her through years of intensive study. This included world religions, philosophy, psychology, holistic practices, transpersonal therapy and inquiry. In 2007 her prayers for awakening and longing for spiritual freedom and fulfilment came after the universe responded to her through visions and teachings of altered state realities also known as an “out-of-body experience”.

    In her presentation, Robyn will share her personal story, the journey of communication and guidance from the spirit of her daughter and the insights from this essential discovery, and show how each of you can return to the truth and purpose of your Soul.


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  • Alison Ailfinn Allan

    Intuitive Medium, Channelling Medium, Author

    Topic Title TBA

    Alison is presenting a talk and facilitating a special evening of Channelling Erik – information is coming soon!

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  • Robert Schwartz

    Author, Hypnotherapist

    Your Soul's Plan

    Whilst many of us are aware of the pre-birth planning that occurs prior to an incarnation, it can still be dificult to understand how much of this lifetime’s challenges were planned. What about planning with pets, for example? Those of you who love animals will be particularly touched to see how they agree to support us in our upcoming incarnation. What are your soul’s gift in pre-birth planning of traumatic circumstances and experiences such as miscarriage, abortion, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. Rob will also discuss spriritual awakening and healing. (more…)

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  • Toni Reilly

    Past Life Therapist, Founder of Toni Reilly Institute

    Connect with your Life Map

    Would you life a map of your life to help you know you are on track?  Toni Reilly will explain how the soul incarnates with a pre-defined purpose and script.  Toni’s method, named SoulLife™ facilitates connection with your soul energy then guides you to discover your plan by discovering innate traits, strengths and challenges. (more…)

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  • Claire Swinney

    Author, Spiritual Healer, Metaphysical Counsellor, and Past Life Guide

    Angels, Conscious Death and the Afterlife

    Claire is the author of Áfterlife: A Soul’s Journey of Life, Death and Beyond.  Though difficult to write at the time, this book allowed Claire to re-connect to her husband, who wished to share with others his experience of conscious death and his soul’s journey with his angel guides in the Afterlife. The book focuses on how you can create a life and death experience that enhances the quality of your own afterlife journey.


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  • Merlina Marcan

    Orb Phenomenon Researcher, Author

    Guidance and Insights from Celestial Forces

    Celestial forces are often ‘helping us’ for better insight, which can often lead to life changing insights. Merlina has discovered this first hand in her pursuit of the truth. She has been guided from the ‘other side’ in discovering a cutting-edge breakthrough method to find a way of bringing forth new visual evidence of sentient beings in the Orb Phenomenon. (more…)

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