We are always interested in hearing from passionate presenters, interested in being a part of our conferences.

There are two main reasons to become involved:

  1. Help us with our mission of raising the vibration of humanity, bringing like-minded souls together and providing safe platforms for people to awaken and expand.
  2. Benefit in building your career from priceless marketing and PR, media exposure, increased SEO, market reach and credibility.

We have three annual consciousness events in Australia:

  • Cosmic Consciousness Conference;
  • Afterlife Explorers Conference; and
  • Close Encounters Conference.

All three events are held in January each year. See below for further information.

Afterlife Explorers Conference (18/19 January 2018, Aanuka Beach Resort, Coffs Harbour)

This theme is to help people discover their multidimensional consciousness and explores the topics that support the concept of consciousness surviving beyond physical death.  Some of the topics to be covered in this conference include, but are not limited to:

After Death Communication (ADC); Afterlife conceptions as sources of comfort and hope; Afterlife Scientific Research; Animals in the Afterlife; Consciousness Studies; Death Bed Visions; Enlightenment and Ascension; ; Ghost & Spirit Apparitions; Grief and Bereavement; Hypnotherapy; Near-Death Experiences (NDEs); Near-death-like experiences (NDLEs); Out-Of-Body Experiences (OBEs); Paranormal Investigations; Past Lives and Life Between Lives; Physical Phenomena; Regression Therapy; Religious and mythical approaches to the Spirit Realm; Rescue Mediumship; Spiritually Transformative Experiences

[STEs]; Soul mates and twin flame connections.

Close Encounters Conference (19/20 January 2018, Aanuka Beach Resort, Coffs Harbour)

This theme is to help people discover their galactic consciousness and to explore a cosmic heritage.  It examines topics that support the concept of consciousness existing on other planets and dimensions and how that impacts on humanity.  Some of the topics to be covered in this conference include, but are not limited to:

Awakening; Abductions; ET races; Contact; Exopolitics; Interdimensional beings; Implants; Spiritual/ET connections; Cosmic Heritage; Ancient Aliens; ET Healing; Star Seeds; New Humans; Planetary and Personal Healing.

Cosmic Consciousness Conference

Lanching World Rainbow Serpent Day, our international event – Cosmic Consciousness Conference – is to be held at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort at the Earth’s solar plexus chakra, Uluru-Kata Tjuta (12-14 January 2018).  Our theme is  AWAKEN UPGRADE ACTIVATE.  Our mission is to prepare people to move towards a cosmic consciousness and thrive in the new 5th dimension.

We are now looking for speakers who would like to submit their topics to be considered for this event.

We are also seeking independent workshop and training facilitators who would like to align with this event.

Tony-perceptionTo be selected, you would need to be a leader in the field of consciousness, with a proven track record of contribution to the awakening of humanity and able to present to a sophisticated audience of professionals.  You will be dynamic, passionate, charismatic and inspiring.

Like our other events (Afterlife Explorers Conference and Close Encounters Conference), the Cosmic Consciousness Conference is a boutique and passionate, grassroots event.  This conference is aimed at a spiritually aware, sophisticated audience of therapists, healers, alternative practitioners, and ”awakened” people looking for ways to further their growth.

We are also looking for passionate speakers to present seminars and/or workshops at Coffs Harbour on the following dates:

  • Afterlife Explorers Conference 18/19 January 2018
  • Close Encounters Conference 19/20 January 2018.

The conferences are overlapping with a assimilation/rest day following on 21 January.  These events will be held at Aanuka Beach Resort in Coffs Harbour.

Speakers will receive numerous benefits by supporting our consciousness events, notably the alignment of your brand or product via our very targeted and niche pre-conference marketing campaign, media exposure and greatly enhanced SEO.

All submissions will be reviewed by our organising committee and evaluated based on originality, technical or research content, authenticity, credibility, relevance to conference, past contributions, speakers’ presentation experience and readability.

English is the official language of the conference.

Please submit your proposal via the form below.

Please submit your proposal via the form below.

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