A great accomplishment

The Inaugural Afterlife Explorers Conference was held at Parramatta, in Sydney over the long weekend of 24-26 January 2015.

The audience enjoyed a content-rich program ranging on topics from NDEs, OBEs, Past Lives, Life Between Lives and much more.

Speakers included Peter Rampster, documentary maker and past life therapist; Victor Zammit, afterlife researcher; Allen Tiller, TV’s ‘ghost hunter’; Peter Smith, President of the Newton Institute; medium, Val Hood; Author, Scott Podmore,and others such as Carmel Bell, Christine Morgan,Val Hood, Joe Vandermere, Michele Knight, Barry Eaton, Alexandra Browne-Hill, Karina Machado, Trisha McCagh, Natasha Tassell – Matamua (New Zealand). Michael Roads closed the Conference with a show-stopping presentation.  The entire audience was spellbound as he spoke.  It was a fitting end to an oustanding Conference.

Barry Eaton, broadcaster and author of ‘Afterlife’, MCd the 3 day event.

Many of the audience enjoyed a live Past Life Regression session conducted by Peter Smith, President of the Michael Newton Institute.

Saturday and Sunday nights gave way to platform mediumship demonstrations with members of the audience being treated to heartfelt messages of love and reassurance from their loved ones on the other side.  Mediums included Ezio & Michelle De Angelis, Imelda Penny, Val Hood, Marcia Quinton, Christine Morgan and Matthew James, and not forgetting the artistic validations by Spirit Artist Marie Klement.