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We have some exciting interactive and experiential workshops planned to delve deep into your multidimensional consciousness!

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Workshop 1:  Divine Virtues and Contact with the ‘Other Side’

Facilitator:  Robert Schwartz

21 January 2018, 9.30am – 12.30pm

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In this deeply experiential half-day workshop, Robert will take you into his Divine Virtues Exercise, which gives you insight into the qualities you’re working on in this lifetime.  Your pre-birth desire to cultivate and express these qualities is one of the reasons you planned your greatest challenges.  This is profound and intense work that can see you move through your life’s obstacles and bring great healing and growth opportunity.

Following this experience, be guided into a dynamic group energy hypnotic regression so that you can communicate with a loved one on the other side.  This is extremely loving, healing and reassuring if you wish you could just spend time talking to someone who is missing from your physical reality.  Gain understandings and insights from the other side. This is a fantastic opportunity to be led by one of the leaders in the field of this type of regression work.